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Meredith, NH

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire offers outstanding scenery and recreation opportunities. Hanson Studio has a large collection of images displaying the beauty and fun of the region.

All images are available on greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, keyrings, as framed prints, and on coffee mugs.

Photo No: 339
Loon and Chick

Photo No: 3110
Loon by Dan Thompson

Photo No: 2474
Meredith, NH - Collage #2 - Square Format

Photo No: 1015
Meredith, NH - Collage #2 - Summer

Photo No: 389
Meredith, NH - Collage #3 - Winter

Photo No: 2405
Meredith, NH - Downtown from the Lake - Summer

Photo No: 1860
Meredith, NH - Downtown from the lake - winter

Photo No: 1859
Meredith, NH - Gazebo, Snow Machine, and Church Landing - Winter

Photo No: 1730
Meredith, NH - Harbor - Fall

Photo No: LW50
Meredith, NH - Indian Island - Far - Fall

Photo No: 050
Meredith, NH - Indian Island - Spring

Photo No: 1363
Meredith, NH - Indian Island - Summer - Close-up with Flowers

Photo No: 1229
Meredith, NH - Indian Island - Winter - Close-up

Photo No: 1230
Meredith, NH - Indian Island - Winter - Helicopter

Photo No: 1861
Meredith, NH - Indian Island with Church Landing

Photo No: 2359
Meredith, NH - Indian Island, Birches, and Flowers

Photo No: 194
Meredith, NH - Lake Waukewan - Summer

Photo No: 2358
Meredith, NH - Lighthouse and Indian Island

Photo No: 807
Meredith, NH - Meredith Bay - No Swimming

Photo No: 806
Meredith, NH - Meredith Bay with Gazebo - Spring

Photo No: 2357
Meredith, NH - Sailboat Sculpture, Fire Sculpture, and Indian Island

Photo No: 1729
Meredith, NH - Sugar Shack - Fall

Photo No: 1231
Meredith, NH - Sugar Shack - Winter

Photo No: 1728
Meredith, NH - Wickwas Lake - Fall

Photo No: 2360
Meredith, NH - Wing Sculpture, Indian Island, and Birches

Photo No: 1804
Loon and Chick - with "New Hampshire"