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Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies are pretty and make a thoughtful gift. All images are available on greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, keyrings, as framed prints, and on coffee mugs.

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Photo No: 1387
New Hampshire Berries Collage (Name drop can be anything.)

Photo No: 492
New Hampshire Spring Flowers Collage

Photo No: 120
Orange Pansy

Photo No: 2005
Orchid - Close-up

Photo No: 2004
Orchid - Close-up with Tendrils

Photo No: 2002
Orchids on Gray

Photo No: 2003
Orchids on White

Photo No: 1307
Purple Columbine

Photo No: 1775
Red Clover

Photo No: 1573
Rose Blossom

Photo No: 248
Rose Bouquet

Photo No: 104
Rose Bud #1

Photo No: 2119
Rose Pagonia Orchid

Photo No: 205
Shack with Flowers

Photo No: 1575
Sunflower Field

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